Jimmy Fallon Liked Seeing Taylor Swift Lie To Him On ‘The Tonight Show’

Over the past year, The Tonight Show has been periodically sharing installments of a web-exclusive video series called The (Getting Back To) Tonight Show. The videos are a few minutes long and offer behind-the-scenes looks at what goes into making the show. The latest installment was shared yesterday and in it, Jimmy Fallon talks about playing a recurring game with Taylor Swift called “Box Of Lies,” in which Fallon and Swift each described an unusual item in front of them, perhaps truthfully or perhaps not, before the other player guessed if they were being honest. This happened back in November 2021 and looking back on it now, Fallon says he enjoyed seeing Swift lie.

Fallon said, “We played ‘Box Of Lies’ with Taylor Swift and I don’t know her as a deceptive person. She’s pretty straightforward and honest all the time. And so it was pretty fun to see what she’s like if she lies and what would she be like playing poker. It’s like playing poker, really.”

Elsewhere, the video offers an illuminating look at what goes into making that game as well as “Can You Feel It,” in which Fallon and his guest reach into a box and guess what’s inside it. For fans of late-night TV, the other videos in the The (Getting Back To) Tonight Show series are also an insightful watch.

Watch the video above and revisit the original “Box Of Lies” segment with Swift below.