Lucha House Party Members Are Teasing Leaving WWE When Their Contracts Expire


The Lucha House Party team of Kalisto, Gran Metalik, and Lince Dorado might be some of the most prolific, yet under the radar Superstars in WWE right now. The luchadors are regulars on 205 Live, but also frequently perform on Main Event and Raw.

While Kalisto, Metalik, and Dorado are all clearly talented, one could argue that their abilities are overshadowed by weird Raw booking, though they have had opportunities to shine on 205 Live. In late 2018, they feuded with the Revival in a series of “Lucha House Party Rules” matches, essentially three-on-two (or one) handicap matches in which they were presented as babyfaces while having a numbers advantage. In 2019, they’ve jobbed to Lars Sullivan and The Club on the main roster.

If tweets made by two members of the group on Monday are statements of intent rather than setups for a storyline or contract negotiation tools, Kalisto and Gran Metalik’s days as low-key WWE workhorses might come to an end in less than a year. Kalisto tweeted “10 months…#freeagent” and Metalik quote-tweeted it saying this applied to him as well.

Kalisto has been working for WWE since 2013 after spending years on the American indies and in AAA. In addition to giving us one of the most memorable botched promo deliveries of recent times, he’s been one half of the NXT Tag Team Champions with Sin Cara, won the United States Championship twice in 2016, and held the Cruiserweight Championship in 2017. Former CMLL and NJPW wrestler Gran Metalik made his WWE debut in the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic, in which he was a finalist, and has worked for the sports-entertainment giant since. Some of their co-workers are already responding to the tweets.

With their resumes, it’s not hard to imagine Kalisto and Metalik working in almost any major wrestling promotion, or on the independent circuit, should they leave WWE.