WWE Superstars Chose Their Favorite Songs For The ‘2K19’ Soundtrack

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WWE 2K19 is coming out on October 9th, only three weeks away. Today, courtesy of Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown YouTube channel came the official announcement of what’s on the game’s soundtrack. Interestingly, the songs were apparently chosen by a host of WWE Superstars themselves, bringing a variety to the selections that’s as varied as the WWE roster (although there’s a lot of hip hop and hard rock, as you’d expect). The video that announced the selections features the New Day and Elias alongside rapper Wale, who has appeared on SmackDown Live in the past and is also the artist behind the New Day’s soundtrack selection.

Everybody’s pretty on-brand here, right down to noted middle-aged white rap fan AJ Styles choosing a song by middle-aged white rapper Eminem. Baron Corbin choosing a track by Shinedown also makes all the sense in the world, as does Triple H choosing Metallica (he can’t choose Motorhead every time for everything, I guess). It’s a little strange that Ric and Charlotte Flair share one pick, but Charlotte not picking a song with her dad’s name in the title would be almost as out of character as Ric not picking a song with his own name in the title (and for which he appeared in the music video). Also, let’s be honest, Charlotte has Guns N Roses tattoos, so anything else she picked probably would have been way less hip.

Here’s the complete list of superstars and their chosen tracks, as announced in the video:

The New Day – ‘Ungrateful & Unthankful’ by Wale
Baron Corbin – ‘Devil’ by Shinedown
Daniel Bryan – ‘Passion’ by Awolnation
The Miz – ‘Skin’ by Bullet For My Valentine
AJ Styles – ‘Survival’ by Eminem
Alexa Bliss – ‘Champion’ by Fall Out Boy
Triple H – ‘Spit Out The Bone’ by Metallica
Samoa Joe – ‘Work Hard’ by Migos
Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair – ‘Ric Flair Drip’ by Metro Boomin & Offset
Sami Zayn – ‘The 11th Hour’ by Rancid
Elias – ‘Rockstar’ by Post Malone
Seth Rollins – ‘Override’ by Slipknot