A Hugely Hyped 128-Man Wrestling Tournament Is Turning Into A Complete Disaster

06.01.17 11 months ago 12 Comments


British wrestling is currently experiencing what is arguably its biggest boom in history. Promotions like PROGRESS, Revoultion Pro, ICW, and others are making international superstars out of scores of wrestlers, and are generating hype and cult followings that bring to mind the heyday of Ring of Honor and even ECW. WWE has been working hand in hand with these red-hot promotions to develop its own U.K. division and are likely to start airing some of these companies on WWE Network.

With all this interest, and with a lot of money flying around, perhaps it was inevitable that the surging independent scene in England would suffer some significant black marks. The first blow is that ITV — which taped a pilot for a revival of the hugely popular and influential World of Sport, and then partnered with Jeff Jarrett and Impact Wrestling to continue that brand — has postponed its World of Sport tapings (which were meant to happen this past week) indefinitely. Many are taking this as a sign that WOS will not be moving forward.

And perhaps a more ill-timed misfortune, and one that is riling up plenty of wrestlers, is the six-month delay for a massive, 128-man, 30-show tournament that was being presented by 5 Star Wrestling. You may remember that literally two weeks ago, the organizer extended a $1 million offer to CM Punk to compete in the tournament. He increased the offer the following week. This week, he announced he was pushing the shows back from August, to February of 2018.

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