Adam Rose Confirmed Vince McMahon Came Close To Being The Man In The Bunny Costume

One of the great unresolved WWE storylines in recent years was the identity of the Bunny, the most notable member of Adam Rose’s “Rosebuds” entourage. We now know, of course, that Justin Gabriel was the man most often in the bunny costume, and that Gabriel pitched numerous ideas of the Bunny being some sort of weird daredevil.

Gabriel’s idea for the Bunny storyline also had a supremely goofy kicker: the daredevil hare would engage in all manner of extreme activities, and when it was finally unmasked, it would be Vince McMahon, perhaps having suffered a psychotic break or fugue state.

In a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, Adam Rose himself confirmed that the idea was floated that Vince McMahon would be the man in the costume, although the way Rose tells it, it sounds like this came from creative, rather than Gabriel. But who knows? (Transcript via Wrestling Inc.)

“We were in a meeting for two hours before Raw, saying ‘Who is going to be The Bunny?’ and they couldn’t decide. I wanted [Justin] Gabriel to do it, [because] he was my friend from when I was 15 and he was 16, his Dad trained me and we’ve known each other our whole lives. ‘Let him do it,’ they were like ‘Well, nobody really knows him anymore and they won’t really get the reaction they want.’ Then there was a suggestion of Vince McMahon do it, and I was like ‘What’s the payoff? I don’t get it’ and they’re like ‘Well, we don’t really know where to go, so why not just have crazy billionaire just do it?'”

You can watch the full interview below, where Rose also talks about how Braun Strowman served as his “Rosebud General” and kept all the other Rosebuds in line. As you would expect Braun Strowman to do. I mean, are YOU going to cross the monster who walks like he’s among men? I think not!