All Elite Wrestling Announced Double Or Nothing’s First Women’s Match


The card for All Elite Wrestling‘s May 25 Double or Nothing show is steadily coming together. At the ticket announcement party last week, the previously teased PAC vs. Page was made official and we learned the card will include Jericho vs. Omega II and SCU vs. Cima and two yet-to-be-named wrestlers from OWE. Feuds also kicked off for matches involving the Young Bucks and the Lucha Brothers as well as Nyla Rose and Kylie Rae, two new signees to the women’s division.

As shown by this week’s episode of The Road To Double Or Nothing web series, that standoff between Rose and Rae ended up leading to Double or Nothing’s next officially announced match.

The episode shows Brandi Rhodes, AEW’s Chief Brand Officer and apparently talent coordinator and booker of the women’s division, at least in kayfabe, receiving a call from Baker, who was not at the announcement party. Baker brings up the Rose vs. Rae confrontation and says, “It seemed kind of like they had their own thing going on and that might be carrying on to Double or Nothing, and I feel like maybe I’m being left out of the picture.”

Rhodes replies that she gets where Baker was coming from. After a talking head segment in which she talks about the importance of “the women’s brand of AEW,” the match is announced by Cody bringing his wife samples of the promotional graphics for Double or Nothing’s three official matches, first PAC vs Page, then Omega vs. Jericho, then Baker vs. Rose vs. Rae. Cody brings up that Rhodes is not in the match herself, and she says she will be leaving herself off the Double or Nothing card in order to focus on her wrestlers.

This triple threat, especially the addition of its third participant, was announced in a much more corporate, less hyped manner than AEW’s other official matches. Could we see this feud build on Being The Elite, The Road To Double Or Nothing, or maybe surprise appearances at indie shows like the one that kicked off Bucks vs. Lucha Bros? Only time will tell.