Listen To WWE Fans Chant For AEW After Hell In A Cell’s Ridiculous Ending

That was certainly one way to end a pay-per-view.

In case you missed Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell main event, ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt defeated Universal Champion Seth Rollins by disqualification, somehow. Rollins couldn’t put Wyatt down after a dozen or so stomps, so he escalated the violence to include a chair to the head, a ladder to a chair to the head, and repeated tool box shots to the ladder and chair on the head. Not even the Pedigree worked, so Rollins escalated further by using a sledgehammer to hit the pile of weapons, causing an already irate referee to disqualify him in the anything goes, no disqualification Hell in a Cell. This is fine.

After the disqualification, Wyatt simply “came back to life” (or whatever) to attack Rollins, choking him with a mandible claw and beating him up at ringside. It culminated in a Sister Abigail on the exposed cement floor outside the ring.

Anyone want to guess for how much the fans in attendance enjoyed all of this?


The Hell in a Cell crowd responded to the finish by loudly chanting “AEW”. You can listen to the first batch (of many) below.

If those aren’t loud and clear enough for you, here’s another.

I’m going to assume WWE’s plan for their pay-per-view main event wasn’t to make the audience chant the competition’s name, followed by a black screen and a bunch of booing?