AEW Released The Full Best Friends Entrance Video, So Enjoy Some Puppies And Aliens


Were you one of the people who, while watching AEW Double Or Nothing, noticed the entrance video for the Best Friends (Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor) and wondered something like, “Is that a ghost? Are those puppies? What?” Fortunately for you (and everyone else, really), All Elite Wrestling released the full video today at the urging of Chuckie T.

Dustin quote-tweeted a video of the entrance video taken by Pro Wrestling Sheet‘s Ryan Satin from the arena with, “Hey @AEWrestling release the whole video please this will make us megastars,” on May 27.

On the night of May 28, AEW complied. You can watch the video below in all its weird glory:

The video includes:

  • a few different groups of people holding hands, something the Best Friends also like to do
  • screaming vampire faces?
  • several shots of classic grey/green aliens
  • puppies!
  • the Ghostface mask
  • a UFO hovering over, then beaming up a building
  • more ghosts
  • a dog licking the camera
  • space

What more could you possibly want from an entrance video, especially if you are specifically Dustin and Greg?

Taylor also tweeted a screencap of a group text conversation that reveals that he personally requested to Cody that puppy dogs, aliens, and ghosts be in the video. It also reveals that Beretta’s name in his contacts is “Little Greggy.”

On a more serious note, judging solely from this text conversation and the stories Jon Moxley told about dealing with the WWE creative process, today AEW’s looking like the more fun place to work.