Former WWE Superstar AJ Lee Is Returning To TV In A Very Unexpected Way

Ever since fan favorite AJ Lee (or AJ Mendez, as she’s known outside of WWE) retired from the company in 2015, there’s been speculation about whether she’d return one day.

For her part, AJ hasn’t seemed too concerned, focusing on writing her memoir Crazy in My Superpower, and the book tour that accompanied its publication. The book deals with her life, career, and living with bipolar disorder. Whether she’ll return to wrestling is still up in the air, but she is coming back to the world of television, with a TV show based on her life.

AJ is teaming with the production company EUE/Sokolow Entertainment to adapt Crazy is My Superpower into a scripted television series. EUE/Sokolow, co-founded by producer/director Jeff Cooney and TV producer Sam Sokolow, is an independent company that produces TV shows and finds them distribution. Their most recent hit is Genius, an anthology series that airs on Nat Geo. The first season starred Geoffrey Rush as Albert Einstein, featured a premiere directed by Ron Howard, and was nominated for 10 Emmy awards, so these guys seem to know what they’re doing.

It’s also easy to imagine that a TV series based on AJ’s career could draw some comparisons to the women’s wrestling dramedy of Netflix’s GLOW, although depending on when in AJ’s life and career the series will be set, it may not deal as directly with wrestling.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with this team to turn Crazy is My Super Power into a scripted show,” said AJ Mendez in her press release. “This is a story about the power of female strength and our incomparable ability to survive, persist and overcome. I knew that I would need partners that connected to that message, and Jeff and Sam’s bold vision was a perfect fit. I can’t wait to get started.”

The press release doesn’t discuss casting for the series, but it’s certainly possible that AJ might star as herself. She has the presence for television, and her WWE work showed acting to be one of her strengths. On the other hand, she may prefer to stay out of the spotlight and let someone else play the lead. We will certainly keep you updated as more news on the series comes out.

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