AJ Styles Shared A Special Moment With The Family Of An Old Tag Team Partner

05.31.17 11 months ago 9 Comments


If you’re a day one ish AJ Styles fan, you probably cheered him in the WCW cruiserweight tag team division as one half of “Air Raid” with his partner, Air Paris. The two took dramatically different paths after WCW closed. Air Paris rejoined the Georgia independent circuit as a booker and wrestler. AJ Styles joined NWA TNA, eventually became the underappreciated face of the promotion, traveled to Japan, became the best wrestler in the entire world and eventually landed as an instant WWE mega star.

The best part of these divergent paths is that the members of Air Raid still keep in touch, and despite Styles now being one of the biggest and most recognizable pro wrestling stars in the world, he took a moment during a recent WWE live event to reunite with Paris, and share a special moment with his family.

I spoke to Air Paris about it, which is a sentence the 2001 version of me would’ve backflipped over.

“Long story short, my daughter is a huge WWE fan now. She loves AJ, and she loved him before she ever really knew our history, which is cool, because she wasn’t swayed by dad’s past. So fast forward to last night, a live event in Chattanooga. We didn’t tell her until yesterday afternoon that we got her tickets, and she was stoked! She made an AJ sign, and I texted it to him.”

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