AJ Styles Reveals His Most Closely-Guarded Hair Care Secrets

With Spandex were busy little beavers during WWE SummerSlam weekend. We hit the red carpet during the WWE 2K18 release party to ask your favourite Superstars tough, hard-hitting questions. For example, hey, Bray Wyatt, how come you lose so much?

In 2016 we were lucky enough to chat up AJ Styles about video games and, more importantly, which pro wrestler smells the best. With another year of professional journalism under our belt, we got a little more serious this time around and finally got to the root (ehhhh?) of a question that’s been plaguing us for just about ever, and one he’s definitely been ignoring on Twitter: How does AJ Styles get his hair so dang soft?

Hairspray? Is that what you want to hear? I just use whatever’s in the hotel. Shampoo. Conditioner. Go. I use a hairdryer. *makes hairdrying motion with his hands*

Turns out the Phenomenal One has a phenomenally simple hair care routine: nothing. The incredulous way he says “hairspray” is a clear indication that he a) doesn’t actually know what hairspray is for, and b) his hair isn’t as full of secrets as we thought. Our obsession with AJ Styles’ luscious locks met with a bit of an anticlimactic conclusion … or did it? Tune in next year when we get to the bottom of how he can have such well-defined hat head without ever wearing a hat.