Alberto Del Rio Is Finally, Officially Done With WWE (Again)

After a suspension for a wellness policy violation and what has been months of vocal unhappiness with his return to WWE last October, announced on Friday that Alberto Del Rio and the company have agreed to a mutual parting of ways. Del Rio tweeted the following after WWE’s announcement:

As first reported by Super Luchas, Del Rio is expected to hold a press conference on Friday to discuss his end of the situation.

This comes at the same time as his fellow Superstar and real-life girlfriend Paige is also dealing with a wellness policy suspension.

Del Rio was fired by WWE back in 2014 for striking a social media manager who’d made a racist joke at Del Rio’s expense. Del Rio suggested that WWE’s issues with racism extended all the way to the top of the company, and the issues between the two were settled quietly only a few days later.

Del Rio (aka Alberto El Patron) showed up in Lucha Underground and spoke passionately about being free from a company that would treat him so badly, but returned to WWE at 2015’s Hell in a Cell after they offered him a lot of money.

He’s expected to return to Mexico and even possibly work for Lucha Underground again pending a season 4 announcement due to the money and lighter schedule, but of course TNA is interested in bringing him in as well. We’ll keep you updated with any statements from Del Rio’s camp or WWE, as well as how this continues to relate to Paige’s separation from the promotion.