Audio Has Surfaced Of Alberto Del Rio And Paige’s Airport Altercation

On Monday, news broke that Alberto El Patron, also known as Alberto Del Rio, was being investigated in a domestic violence case. He was detained by police, and although no arrests were made, Orlando P.D. confirmed that the incident is being investigated and the case is still open.

After that news became widespread and multiple reports said WWE Superstar and Del Rio’s significant other Paige was present at the airport as well, Paige took to Twitter to state that she and Del Rio had been the ones to call the police, because someone threw a drink on Del Rio.

TMZ Sports later posted audio obtained from a fan who was present, who managed to overhear an argument between Del Rio and Paige, and recorded it.

It’s extremely hard to tell what is happening here based on just the audio, but Paige says she wants to “get the f*ck away from you” several times, and it appears to be directed at Del Rio. At the end, Del Rio says “You’re not gonna let her go. Call the police. She assaulted me. She needs to be arrested.” While the audio makes it seem like he could be referring to Paige there, he also very well could have been talking about someone who did in fact throw a drink on him.

We will likely hear more about this incident in the coming days, and will provide updates as necessary.