Alberto Del Rio Is No Longer A Suspect In The Orlando Domestic Violence Investigation

It’s been a very bizarre and surreal couple of weeks since the Orlando police were called to the airport to deal with a potential case of domestic violence battery involving current GFW World Champion Alberto El Patron and his significant other, Paige.

Since then, audio of an apparent argument between the two surfaced, GFW suspended El Patron (although he continued to appear on the pre-taped television show for the two episodes since that suspension), and Paige gave her side of the story, where she claimed she was the aggressor in the situation, and that police were called because she threw a drink on Patron in an airport restaurant.

Throughout these developments, all parties, including the Orlando P.D., continued to stress that no arrests were made, and that the investigation was ongoing. There has been a development in the case, and it appears El Patron is now off the hook for any wrongdoing.

The Orlando P.D. confirmed with Pro Wrestling Sheet that El Patron is no longer considered a suspect in the case, and that it is the police department’s belief that Paige is the person who should be charged with domestic violence battery, for throwing the drink in El Patron’s face. The case is currently under review with the Florida State Attorney’s Office, which will make the final decision on whether charges will be filed.

It’s likely a safe assumption that El Patron will soon be reinstated by GFW. This likely isn’t the last we’ll hear of the incident, but El Patron has been determined by law enforcement to not be in the wrong, so there you have it.