Alberto Del Rio Reveals His Next Move. Also, More Info On The Dude He Slapped.

08.14.14 5 years ago 46 Comments

So, a primer for those who haven’t been following along — apparently, at last week’s Smackdown tapings a non-performer made a shitty busboy-related joke at Alberto Del Rio’s expense and Alberto found out and slapped the crap out of him. Alberto is now fired, and racist dude is still with the company, because WWE.

Well, we now know a little bit more about “racist dude”. His name’s Cody Barbierri and he’s the road social media manager for WWE. Here’s him looking creepy beside a baby in a picture from his Twitter feed

According to The Wrestling Observer, the issue wasn’t so much that Del Rio slapped Barbierri, but that he f*cking waylaid him, sending him sprawling to the ground and causing a huge stinking scene. Originally Alberto was to be suspended for a month, but Barbierri threatened to sue, forcing WWE’s hand. Alberto was apparently furious and may have said some things that would rule out a quick Daniel Bryan-style return.

But hey, even thought he’s not a real aristocrat and only rents those cars, Alberto is not without options now that his WWE tenure is at an end. For example, he just announced his return to AAA

A translation for non-Spanish speakers…

“Hello aficionados of Mexico and AAA, the boss is back. What better place to call my home than AAA. Thanks for all the support and you guys know there is quality where ever the boss is and there is quality in AAA, there was no better place to go. See you soon and God bless you.”

Wait, Sasha Banks is going to AAA?

TNA is also reportedly so desperate to get Del Rio than they’d get down and put that belt around his waist without so much as a hello, but hopefully he steers clear — you don’t want to know where that title’s been, man.

via Wrestling Observer & Wrestling Inc.

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