Bowling For Soup’s New Music Video Is A Loving Tribute To WWE’s Alexa Bliss

Here’s a sentence that sounds like a weird game of Mad Libs: Texas pop-punk band Bowling For Soup, most famous for their 2009 hits ‘Girl All The Bad Guys Want’ and ‘1985,’ have released a new single and video that’s a Weird Science-inspired tribute to WWE’s Alexa Bliss.

The tone of the tribute is pretty clear from the chorus, which asks, “Why can’t every girl be more like Alexa Bliss?”

“Hey – why can’t every girl be more like Alexa Bliss
Hey – how could a chick on TV make me feel like this
She’s got a finishing move called Twisted Bliss
And it’s like my heart is caught in the sleeper hold
Whoa oh oh
Why can’t every girl be more like Alexa Bliss”

You can watch the video below, which features Bliss playing guitar with children, winning at Uno, and using magical powers to influence the results at her local wrestling promotion.

Key line:

“She says some really mean stuff to the other wrestlers
Some say they hate her but they just don’t get her”

WWE’s crazy if they don’t make this her new entrance theme, right? Also, shout-out to Dallas metro area promotion MPX for making it into the video, and to the band for mentioning Larry-Steve the pig in the song.

Bliss, who cites Bowling for Soup as her favorite band and has tweeted about listening to them when she was in high school, described it as a, “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to have them write a song about her. Sadly the story will end poorly for the band, if their previous experience with Ohioans is any indication.