Watch Alison Brie Become A Villain In The Latest Nextflix ‘GLOW’ Teaser

“If you can’t tell by the middle finger, I’m a bad guy … I think villains have all the fun, and that’s certainly true in the ring.”

That’s a quote from an interview over at Yahoo with Alison Brie — formerly television’s Annie Edison and Trudy Campbell — about becoming a heel in Netflix’s upcoming wrestling comedy GLOW.

If you’d like to tell by the middle finger, you can watch the latest teaser trailer below. Warning: it will get Quiet Riot’s “Cum On Feel the Noize” stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

According to Brie, her character Ruth is, “the least superficial character I’ve ever played,” saying she’s “a good person, but she does a really bad thing in the pilot episode, and it’s a lot of work to overcome it.” No word yet on if any of the characters correspond with any real-life Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, but that’s definitely a Mt. Fiji arm in the teaser.

As for the correlation of middle fingers to villainy, we’ll refrain from casting Alison Brie as Stone Cold Steve Austin in our nostalgic reboot of the WWF Attitude Era on Hulu. GLOW premieres on Netflix on June 23, and it’s all we’re doing with our day.