Watch The Promos AEW Asked Their Fans To Cut As Wrestling Character, ‘The Librarian’


All Elite Wrestling‘s first show is still over two months away and the new promotion has been working to keep their fans engaged despite the lack of in-ring content. In addition to their announcement rallies, they’ve continued the Being the Elite web series, started the new Road to Double Or Nothing web series, and made “surprise” appearances at independent promotions and some larger events. They also created an opportunity for fans to engage more intensively with the AEW brand with the #FullGearChallenge, a call to get in better shape along with Hangman Page, who is currently being storyline-bodyshamed by Cody out of wearing his wrestling gear in public.

AEW’s latest fan engagement is a casting call for a wrestling character called “The Librarian.” The Librarian is introduced by the Young Bucks and Cody as a wrestling gimmick that’s impossible to get over, but fans are challenged to try in a video sixty seconds long or shorter tweeted at the official AEW account with #theLibrarian hashtag.

This casting call only went out yesterday, but AEW has already gotten a fair amount of submissions, including from fans in Belgium and France.

This fan went as far into “living the gimmick” as one can on social media, tweeting his submission from a new @TheLibrarianAEW account, notably “located” in Jacksonville, Florida.

We don’t know if these videos are going to be used for anything beyond giving creative people some social media attention, but one enterprising worker – librarian by day, wrestler by night – has already taken advantage of that opportunity.

Unsurprisingly, there have been several more submissions from people within the wrestling industry. ROH Dojo ring announcer Derek K. Moore, Tennessee indie wrestler Ashlyn Edwards, and Morgan Davis III have been just a few to get into the promo action.

The casting call isn’t over, but we’ve already learned tw0 valuable lessons: 1) there could definitely be a wrestling character called “The Librarian,” and 2) some people are ready to cut a promo about anything at any time.