Andre The Giant’s Daughter Explained Why Her Dad Wouldn’t Make It In Wrestling Today

Andre the Giant’s daughter Robin Christensen Roussimoff participated in a New York City Comic Con panel, and boy howdy she did not mince words. Roussimoff was there to promote a new graphic novel based on the life and times of her late father, Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven.

Redditor iseedoubleu posted some choice highlights from the panel. She says that she doesn’t think Andre would have made it in WWE today because he would have struggled with the “intense mic work,” and relates that her father had to used a pre-taped vocal recording to learn his lines for his iconic role in The Princess Bride.

She also addressed his legendary drinking habit, and revealed the reason behind a tense relationship between Andre and Macho Man Randy Savage:

– Andre had a bad side to him if he didn’t like you. “He had no tolerance” for steroids. Wrestlers had to fear his bad side.

– Macho Man got on Andre’s bad side when he was caught with steroids. Savage never got off his bad side.

– She confirms her dad drank close to 150 beers. She said he would stack cans one on top of the other when he drank.

– Drinking became his self-medication. “He learned how to function without being in a wheel chair.”

– She said Andre’s wife allowed no wrestling in the house. She wanted her daughter to form her own opinion about him.

Roussimoff also went in on her relationship with WWE and Vince McMahon, saying that Vince McMahon, Sr. “was a better guy than his son is.” She says the relationship is strictly limited to sending royalties, and “they don’t really like me. I don’t know why.”

The upcoming graphic novel isn’t to be confused with the unauthorized, but entirely fantastic and critically acclaimed work by Philadelphia artist Box Brown Andre the Giant: Life and Legend. Roussimoff says she wasn’t happy with it, but wasn’t super critical. She did, however, completely shred OBEY artist Shepard Fairey, who has used Andre’s image repeatedly.

Read more of the highlights over on Reddit here, including notes on filming The Princess Bride, his relationship with Hulk Hogan, and… horse tranquilizers? Okay, sure. Horse tranquilizers.