Dean Ambrose Showed Up And Gave Another Speech After Raw


It turns out that soon-to-depart WWE superstar Dean Ambrose really loves Canadians. At least he loves one Canadian, WWE commentator Renee Young (whose real last name is the much more Canadian “Paquette”), who happens to be his real-life wife. It’s hard to say if Dean loves anyone else besides her and his two Shield brothers, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Those two were in the ring after Raw went off the air last night, and once again they called Dean out to make a speech.

Ambrose didn’t appear at WrestleMania 35, had what was announced as his final WWE match last week, and appears to be really-for-real leaving at the end of this month. He’s spent a lot of time recently showing up after Raw to pop the live crowd. That was clearly the goal here, with Dean giving a speech about how great Canadian fans are, and ending with, “Merci beaucoup, Montreal.” Speaking French may be an odd fit for the Lunatic Fringe gimmick, but this late in his WWE career, gimmicks are hardly the point anymore.

We don’t know what, if anything, Dean Ambrose (or rather, Jon Moxley) is doing next. Maybe we’ll learn next month, or maybe it’ll be a bit longer. For that matter, he may just want to take his savings and hang out in Vegas with his dogs and his wife for a while, and there might not be anything to announce. Either way, it doesn’t seem like WWE’s efforts to get him to stay have worked.