As The ‘Dynamite’ Premiere Approaches, Here’s Everywhere You Can Watch All Elite Wrestling’s TV Show

The premiere episode of All Elite Wrestling‘s new television show, Dynamite, is coming up in less than a week, and new announcements are still being made about how people all over the world can watch it. Here’s a rundown of all the ways we know you can legally access the show right now.

American fans almost definitely have the easiest road to watching AEW Dynamite so far. The show will air on TNT on Wednesday nights starting on October 2 as a two-hour live show from 8 PM E.T. to 10 PM E.T. Since TNT shows are available to watch later on Hulu, you’ll presumably be able to watch Dynamite later on Hulu.


AEW’s UK TV deal was announced earlier this week and it prompted significant fan backlash, as you can see if you check any Twitter replies or comments section related to it. ITV tweeted that the full two-hour AEW show will air on ITV 4 starting on Sunday, October 6, starting at 8:20 AM, “followed by a one-hour highlights programme on ITV,” starting on Monday, October 7, at 11:45 PM. Additionally, “shows will run sequentially leading up to PPV events, including before 9 November Full Gear, so more details, including subsequent schedule information, to follow soon…”

Clearly, that’s not a legal way for wrestling fans in the UK to watch AEW live like fans elsewhere, so many people found this less than ideal. Tony Khan replied to the ITV tweets with, “We’ll work together to ensure there will always be a free to air broadcast of the most recent episode of AEW: Dynamite before Saturday PPVs including Full Gear. We’ll also be announcing a live viewing solution soon for the UK + many other countries with great AEW fans. Thank you!”

At this point, the, “live viewing solution,” and, “free to air broadcast,” aren’t the same thing. Fans, “in numerous countries and regions outside the United States and Canada, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Japan, Italy, Spain, Chile, Brazil, and the Middle East,” in the words of the press release, can watch AEW live with an AEW Plus subscription on Fite TV. AEW Plus costs $4.99 per monthly subscription or $2.99 per episode. Khan explained this move by tweeting, “We can’t broadcast live free to air in the UK due to different ad break schedules than in US. ITV + ITV4 will show free to air replays making our show available to most UK fans!”

So far, there’s no legal way to watch AEW in Canada at all, but according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the company is working on a deal there, with TSN most likely to be their Canadian home channel. WON has also said that AEW is working on TV deals in Germany and Australia.