Asuka Made Some Pretty Impressive WWE History With Her Victory On Raw

Asuka has been in WWE for just over two years, with most of that time spent in NXT.
During that time, she’s become one of the most dominant wrestlers in company history, and has set pretty much every record a modern-day pro wrestler could hope to set. And this week, she made history yet again.

On Monday night during Raw, the bell rang and it just happened. Dana Brooke charged towards Asuka, Asuka grabbed an arm submission, and Brooke tapped. In the process, a new record was set for the fastest submission victory in WWE history. More than that: it was the fastest clean loss in WWE, ever (that didn’t include a distraction or foreign object).

(Credit goes to Sean Ross for first tweeting about the shattered records.)

The YouTube clip is 38.6 times as long as the match itself and includes, in retrospect and probably also in the moment, a huge tip-off from Dana Brooke who thought she had found Asuka’s “weakness”. Note: Asuka does not have any weaknesses except for maybe leaving herself open to attack during her entrance wearing that huge coat and a mask.

If you came here to see the GIF of said victory, consider it done.

Despite the combined in-ring time of women’s wrestling on this week’s episode of Raw being not so good, this record-breaking submission victory still accomplished something. If you haven’t watched NXT Asuka, you’re gonna get her vibe injected directly into your veins via charming squashes like this one. Also, if you haven’t watched NXT Asuka, you should start from the very beginning when she debuted against Dana Brooke, the unfortunate featured extra in this very post.

The previous record for “quickest win without distraction or foreign object” was held by The Rock over the Big Boss Man. The memory is as blurry as this clip.