Baron Corbin’s Throne Broke Onstage At Last Night’s WWE Raw

The end of last night’s WWE Raw was very dramatic, with a Universal Championship match ending with a guy who had been in a storyline about maybe impregnating another guy’s wife until earlier in the episode having to watch his wife make out with another guy, plus a surprise attack by The Fiend. But just before all that went down, there was another, off-camera incident on the stage of Raw’s new set.

As Randy Orton and King of the Ring winner Baron Corbin (now aligned as part of Team Ric Flair) watched the title match between two of their enemies on Team Hulk Hogan (Seth Rollins and Rusev) from the stage of the new Raw set, Corbin’s throne collapsed. Check out the video from the Mat Mania Podcast below, and also this great picture of Orton and Corbin standing by the wreckage.

This throne breaking – which replaces Cody’s as the most recent destroyed throne in wrestling, for those keeping score at home – wasn’t Corbin and Orton’s only onstage moment filmed by a member of the audience. There’s also this great video of Orton either completely corpsing, like he has in the past, or made an amazing character decision with his reaction Bobby Lashley and Lana kissing:

In a shocking twist, the misadventures of Corbin and Orton could end up being the top highlight of this whole Flair vs. Hogan proxy war and the latest of many Raw cheating angles.