Becky Lynch And Ronda Rousey’s Twitter Feud Involves Real Names, Tommy Wiseau, And Possible Heat From WWE


The Road to WrestleMania can be a frustratingly long one, and nowhere does it feel longer than in the build to the Raw Women’s Championship match, which will most likely be a Triple Threat between Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair. Ronda and Becky continue to feud on Twitter, which Becky continues to excel at while Ronda keeps putting her foot in her mouth. Just yesterday things went a bit off the rails after Ronda called out Becky’s mug shots as fake:

We could have a discussion about the believability of these mugshots, which we all know are just part of a TV storyline, but Ronda’s feud with Becky is meant to be an extension of that same storyline, so saying it’s not real doesn’t do much for anybody, including Ronda. Becky tried to discourage her from calling things fake, but Ronda doubled down.

Meanwhile, Becky’s Tommy Wiseau photoshop, intended to mock Ronda’s line delivery and perhaps her relationship with reality, attracted the attention of Wiseau himself. The creator of the cult classic film The Room and the basis for The Disaster Artist, Wiseau is never hesitant to look for more attention from anyone giving him the slightest bit of it. In that sense, he’d fit right into pro wrestling.

Meanwhile, back in the original thread, Becky made fun of Ronda’s husband, Travis Browne, and then Ronda suddenly got really dark, while addressing Becky by her shoot name.

Don’t get me wrong, I know this is all a work, but I feel like it’s a pretty uncomfortable one at this point. Even if WWE is trying to sell “smart marks” on the idea that this beef is real and they might shoot fight at WrestleMania, there has to be a better way to get there than letting Ronda break kayfabe on this level. Yeah, kayfabe is blurry these days, but there’s a difference between a heel going to a children’s charity event and a champion saying that the armbar she sold on television (and is selling in the photo she posted) is totally fake. That doesn’t make anybody look good, least of all her. And to then double down by using her opponent’s real name while promising her an “off-script” beating is pretty extreme for WWE these days, to say the least. Especially considering Ronda’s supposed to be a babyface.

WrestleVotes reported that while WWE is behind Ronda and Becky selling the feud on Twitter, they aren’t happy with all of the things Ronda said.

On the other hand, Dave Meltzer says that this kind of thing is exactly what WWE is looking for from this feud, and that Paul Heyman may have a hand in what Ronda’s saying. What’s weirdest about that idea is that Becky Lynch, who is theoretically the aggressor in this feud, continued trying to reel Ronda back in, while using terms like “full Russo” to avoid completely breaking kayfabe herself.

And of course Ronda keeps being extremely weird and aggressive:

Personally, I think it’s a bad look. Other MMA stars who’ve come into wrestling have managed to put themselves over as superior fighters without coming out and saying that wrestling moves are fake. Paul Heyman is great at doing that kind of thing for Brock Lesnar, so it would be weird if he’s actually behind Ronda doing the opposite. We’ll see where all this goes, but hopefully Ronda can get out of this habit of burying the entire concept of professional wrestling, because that’s no way to promote WrestleMania.