Watch Becky Lynch Hit The Stone Cold Stunner On Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Monday Night Raw ended badly for Becky Lynch with the Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection going full rudo and beating her down with steel chairs. The good news is that the followup to Raw, Straight Up Steve Austin, ended much better for her.

In case you missed it, The Man’s appearance on Stone Cold Steve Austin‘s hybrid action and talk show ended with a toast — “here’s to ya” remains the most underrated Austin catchphrase — and Lynch hitting the Stone Cold Stunner on the man who popularized it. You’d think Austin, of all people, would know you don’t trust anybody.

She even got her pinkie up on the beer bash, like a true member of Tea-Generation X. Here’s the Stunner in glorious GIF form.

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The major thing we learned here is that Stone Cold Steve Austin also takes a Stunner better than anyone else. Lynch murdered him with it. I like that he combined the Vince McMahon instant realistic death sell with Shane McMahon’s beer mist sell, but managed to make them both a little more realistic.

Kevin Owens has been using the Stunner as part of his moveset, but after this, I’m thinking Becky Lynch should get that torch passed to her. She needs an impact finisher better than the Manhandle Slam, doesn’t she? She’s more of an Austin than a Rock.