Watch The Teaser Trailer For The Bella Twins’ New Cooking Show

If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of the Bella Twins. Total Divas and Total Bellas just aren’t enough of that premium Bellas content, so thank goodness they’ve supplemented those shows with their own YouTube channel where you can watch Daniel Bryan test their smarts, or watch Brie train for a wrestling comeback.

Now the Bellas are embarking on their latest adventure, a cooking show. And when I say “The Bellas,” I mean “Nikki Bella,” and when I say “cooking show,” I mean “it seems entirely possible that there will be no actual cooking involved.” But it is a show about food, and wine, and beer, and where the food comes from, and how to pair your food and your drink.

Speaking just for myself, I love most of the shows on Food Network and the food-related shows on the Travel Channel, so I’m sure this will be a perfectly cromulent little webseries. It certainly looks gorgeous, and like Nikki is spending some time getting into the details of everything they’ll be sampling on the show.

I also really need to know about that plate of what looks like fish with popcorn on top of it. I have several questions, and I need them answered yesterday.