The Best And Worst Of NJPW: Hinokuni, Dontaku, And The Pre-Dominion State Of New Japan

05.17.18 8 months ago 14 Comments


Previously on NJPW: David Finlay stopped washing his hair, Lancer Archer fully committed to making children cry, and Hiromu vs. Desperado started looking like it could be the next Hiromu vs. Dragon Lee.

You can watch New Japan Pro Wrestling shows on their streaming service, NJPW World, which costs 999 yen (about 9 USD.) They have their show schedule on the homepage. They also feature a new free match on the site every Monday and you can do a free trial month, so it’s a pretty easy service to test drive. You can also watch certain NJPW shows with commentary by Jim Ross and Josh Barnett on AXS.

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Best: Each And Every One Of You!

Seriously, your feedback is EXTREMELY appreciated, and really did help us keep up the NJPW coverage. As regular With Spandex readers/people who follow me on social media might be aware, there was a sudden restructuring of the site that resulted in a lot of very talented people being laid off. I was really moved by the response to this I read on Twitter and in comments sections here. I’m happy to be back, and I’m so grateful for you all and Brandon for expressing your interest in getting me back to write here. Also, I love [your local sports team!]

Also: Housekeeping!

So… during the week I was laid off, there was kind of a ton of New Japan Pro Wrestling! It’s too late to do a regular Best/Worst about it and way too early to do a Vintage, but I didn’t want to leave this huge gap in the column before Best Of The Super Juniors and Dominion. Partly because then I would feel the need to add way more context to those columns and they would get really long! So here’s a mid shot view of the bigger events from Wrestling Hinokuni and Wrestling Dontaku, looking forward to BOSJ and Dominion. (I already talked about most of the junior heavyweight division stuff in my BOSJ preview article, so this will be more heavyweight-centric.) If I describe it that way, does that make the timing of this article feel less random? Let’s find out!

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