WWE’s Big Show Joined Olivia Munn To Perform ‘Bad Blood’ And Fight Lady Assassins On ‘Lip Sync Battle’

The latest episode of Lip Sync Battle answers the question: How do you book The Big Show?

The answer? Put him in a sparkly, elbow-length glove and have him fight some ladies with swords and hot pants.

Show made a cameo appearance during Olivia Munn’s performance of Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ — yes, this is outstanding already — alongside actress Jaime King, Dope star Chanel Iman and burger temptress Charlotte McKinney. I haven’t seen Show hanging out with a collection of people that random since he was in The Union. Munn played it smart, though … if you’re going up against former Raw guest host Kevin Hart and he’s doing Onyx, you’ve got to bring the WWE heat.

That said, it’s gonna take a lot to dethrone The Rock as the greatest pro wrestler Lip Sync Battle performer. Does every WWE star on the show have to do Taylor Swift? Can we get the Wyatt Family on an episode to lip sync “Out of the Woods?” Tell me you wouldn’t watch that.