WWE’s The Big Show Talks About His Love Of ‘Destiny 2’ And Braun Strowman

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Among gamers who are aware of professional wrestling, the Big Show is second only to Xavier Woods in terms of being a diehard video game geek. The world’s largest athlete is also one of the world’s largest fans of Destiny and Destiny 2.

At a recent event for Destiny 2, Big Show took the time to talk to us about video games, his in-depth thoughts on Braun Strowman, and a whole lot more. This is just a portion of the conversation we had with him. For the full story, you can check out the latest episode of the With Spandex Podcast.

WITH SPANDEX: Have you been playing Destiny since day one of the first game, or how did you get into it?

Big Show: Yeah, since day one of the first game, just been a fan. I’ve always been a first person shooter fan, other than like God of War — I played that a lot on the old PS2. Then when Destiny came along, it’s the only thing I’ve played for the last couple years. There’s so much work that I’ve put into it. This week, to do this [event], I actually a made Big Show profile and built a character this week, which I did it in a couple of days, which is a monumental task actually, to get enough equipment to get together to be halfway respectable, but my main character I put years into.

Even with the new expansion, I was a little sad that I couldn’t carry over from year one, but I’m already caught up and ahead now in year two, so it’s not that big a deal, I’m not that upset over it. I was a little upset at first, I was like, “What do you mean this doesn’t carry over?” But that’s part of the fun sometimes building a new character, and sweating it out to get the right exotics, and get the right gear.

You’re a legendary gamer at this point; how did you get to be so into video games? How did you come to it, and what was your journey like to get to this point, where you’re getting invited to eSports tournaments?

It started out, I don’t know, years ago, I think. In 1995 or ’96, I made the cover of a video game, a WCW game. That was a surreal moment for me, because I grew up … I didn’t have access to a lot of games. I think the neighbor kid had an Atari, and my cousin had a Nintendo. When I went to college I traded a guy a pair of sneakers for a Nintendo for my room, so I played a lot of Super Mario Brothers 3 in college. So I’ve played games, but the first person shooter really has taken me by storm. I’ve done a few different games, I’ve done the flying games, the airplane games. Never really got into sports games that much, I think I did a little bit of NBA Street Jam for a while, I enjoyed that.

[With] Destiny, there’s always just so much to do, I think that’s why I liked it. There’s always so much to do, there’s something every week to do, there’s challenges and quests, and new gear. It’s funny sometimes it feels like … I know when I sign on to Destiny, I know that I’ve got stuff to do, I’ve got challenges to meet. I think that’s part of the attractiveness of the game for me is knowing that every week I’ve got challenges to keep up with.

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