Goldberg Apologized For That Terrible Match Against The Undertaker At Super ShowDown

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If you watched WWE’s latest effort in Saudi Arabia on Friday, you saw a lot of iffy decisions — Shane McMahon pinning Roman Reigns to win his third straight pay-per-view match, Brock Lesnar announcing a Money in the Bank cash-in just to get his ass kicked and not cash in, and so on — but none as iffy as the main event between wrestling legends Bill Goldberg and The Undertaker.

Given the state of the last few Undertaker matches and the combined 106 years between them, you could’ve been forgiven for going into the match with low expectations. What you got was a bizarrely concerning and dangerous 10 minutes featuring Goldberg busting himself open on the ring post and losing control of his faculties, a brutal Tombstone piledriver that couldn’t have made the situation better, and a botched Jackhammer that accidentally turned into a brainbuster.

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After the match, Goldberg — who is physically okay and escaped without any major injuries, thank goodness — took to social media to explain that he knocked himself out on the sprint into the post, and thought he could finish the match when he really, really shouldn’t have.

“Everyone who found ‘pleasure'” is presumably a response to NXT star Matt Riddle, who tweeted and deleted a video calling Goldberg the, “worst wrestler in the business, bro,” and gave a running commentary on the match’s awfulness on Instagram.

By way of an Instagram like — that’s how we do things these days — The Undertaker shared a similar point of view on the match and the careers of himself and Goldberg following the show.

In other words,

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