Goldberg Reportedly Made Seven Figures For His Match With The Undertaker In Saudi Arabia

WWE Network

At this Sunday’s SummerSlam, Bill Goldberg will get his chance to “erase the feeling” of the match against The Undertaker back at June’s Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia that left him with a concussion and an apology.

It also left him with more money than most of us will ever see in our lifetimes!

Per the WON, Goldberg was paid the full price of his one-year contract downside from his WWE run in 2003 to 2004, which adds up to “well over” $1 million. Not a bad pull for roughly eight minutes of work, even if it included him nearly spearing his own brains out, taking a gross-looking Tombstone Piledriver, and almost dropping the 54-year old Undertaker directly on his dome.

They make sure to note that this is less than what Goldberg was making at his peak in WCW, which landed at about $3 million a year. Good to know that even a Saudi Arabian prince fantasy booking his own WrestleMania doesn’t have the spending power of peak-era World Championship Wrestling.

It looks like Goldberg will be sticking around in WWE, by the way, although at a much lower rate. The current rumor is that new executive director Paul Heyman wants to use him “like Bruno Sammartino” at the end of his career, working a couple of grudge matches a year. We’ll go ahead and get a .txt file ready to keep track of who’s next.