The Mayor Of London Wants To Bring WrestleMania To The UK, And Here’s Why

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03.14.16 20 Comments
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Pictured: at least one guy who won't be at WrestleMania when this happens

London mayor Boris Johnson has two things on his mind right now: urging Barack Obama to not intervene in the EU referendum debate, and getting a Roman Reigns match at Wembley Stadium.

As noted by The Independent, Johnson is “dead keen” to bring Mania to England. From the report:

Talk has been growing for years that England’s capital will try and host WWE’s flagship event, and Johnson has further stoked the fires today in a Twitter Q&A, in which he also revealed that his grandfather was “briefly a fairground wrestler”.

Johnson, however, did add that wrestling was a “grassroots sport” in his answer, so might be worth holding back on plastering on the face-paint just yet.

Here’s the exchange, via Twitter.

Who’s ready for WrestleMania in the middle of the day?

WWE recently announced a Network live special from the O2 Arena for September, but the last major pay-per-view event from the UK (not counting those Insurrextion shows) was SummerSlam ’92. That happened at Wembley and brought in over 80,000 people. WWE tours the UK twice a year, and regularly airs bad episodes of Raw and Smackdown from there.

Which happens first? A WrestleMania from Wembley Stadium, or Jim Harbaugh bringing Mania to The Big House in Michigan?

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