Bret Hart Got Amazing News Following A Successful Prostate Surgery

The pro wrestling world was stunned earlier this month when WWE Hall of Fame champion Bret Hart revealed he’d begun a battle with prostate cancer. Since then, there’s been a huge outpouring of support for The Hitman, from his most bitter rivals to the buildings in which he competed, and few in the sport have deserved it more. Last week, Hart had a successful surgery to remove his prostate, and a recent addendum from the Observer takes it a step further: Bret’s surgery was not only a success, it appears to be a complete success, and it looks like he’ll be able to skip chemo.

This is the best news there is, was, etc.:

“Bret Hart underwent prostate cancer surgery on 2/10 in Calgary and by all accounts, the procedure was a success. He had his prostate completely removed and doctors were confident that the cancer was contained and so he won’t need any chemotherapy or radiation and should make a full recovery.

“Hart had apparently known about having prostate cancer dating back to last summer, but had only told close family and even friends only found out days before he made the announcement on Facebook. Doctors felt that because it was a slow growing cancer, he didn’t need immediate surgery and they pushed it back due to his recovery from a wrist operation that took longer than expected to rehab.”

Cancer sucks, and seeing the Excellence of Execution hit it with his five moves of doom and tap it out to a Sharpshooter is some of the best news we’ve gotten this year. Let’s get to the “full recovery” part as soon as possible.

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