Britt Baker Hopes To Be Cleared In Time For AEW All Out

Being The Elite

It’s been two and a half weeks since AEW’s Fight For The Fallen event, but there’s still a month to go until there next show, the much bigger All Out event, and a month after that they arrive on weekly TV. Perhaps the most unfortunately thing that happened at Fight For The Fallen was the serious concussion that Britt Baker sustained during a tag match on the kickoff show. Fortunately, the extended time between the shows is giving Baker plenty of space in which to recover.

On the new episode of Being The Elite, Baker does a short Q&A segment in which she responds to a question about her recovery from the injury:

Thank you to everybody who’s been following up and asking. All your support, all your concern, it means the world to me, you guys really are the best. I’m doing fantastic, I feel great. It was a rough couple weeks originally, but now I feel good. I’ve been in great care with AEW doctors and trainers, following up with the appropriate specialists and everything’s looking good. I’m hoping to get cleared any day now to get back into the ring, which takes us to All Out. Will I be booked? You’re gonna have to wait and see.

After how rough that injury looked in the ring, it’s a relief just to know that Britt is feeling good, and if she is booked for All Out, even better!