WWE Fans Were Livid After Brock Lesnar Returned For A 35-Second Match


It’s been a heck of a week for WWE and Brock Lesnar-related drama. After Lesnar was photographed with UFC President Dana White on the same day as the Elimination Chamber, the WWE Universal Champion didn’t appear on Monday Night Raw after being advertised for that show.

Reports after the fact detailed Lesnar’s no-show of Raw may have been on purpose. The Beast Incarnate did show up days later at a Chicago house show this past weekend, however. For fans hoping to see any semblance of a competitive bout, they were left frustrated, with Lesnar picking up the win in a whopping 35 seconds against Kane.

The match consisted of Lesnar hitting a few German suplexes, showing off to the crowd while Kane sat up, and then hitting an F-5, all while barely breaking a sweat — which is all the more impressive considering Lesnar’s usual sweating status. Lesnar’s championship belt didn’t even reach the timekeeper, as Paul Heyman held on to it for safe keeping before giving it back to its rightful owner.

Lesnar’s showing couldn’t have been totally unexpecte,d considering it was a house show and he’s demolished his fair share of opponents in a handful of minutes at such shows. But with the fact that Lesnar had wrestled on television less time over a year than Seth Rollins did in one night, this particularly barely-even-a-match showing was destined to draw some ire.

WWE embracing Lesnar’s lack of time in the ring along with his potential UFC departure — and as Roman Reigns said, hiding behind his contract — could be a game-changer in the way this rivalry is booked up until WrestleMania.

Reigns being cheered Monday night was a rarity. And if it takes throwing Lesnar under the bus every week, WWE may be wise to do everything they can to finally get the crowd on his side.