Former WWE And WCW Star Bryan Clark Is Facing Narcotics Charges, Among Others

AZ Central is reporting that former WWE and WCW star Bryan Clark, best known as WWE’s Adam Bomb and WCW’s Wrath as well as being one half of the tag team KroniK, is facing a number of charges including transporting or selling narcotics. Yes, one half of a tag team called “KroniK” is facing drug charges.

To make the situation even stranger, Clark’s alleged co-conspirator is Dennis Miccolis, formerly on keyboards for the 1960s pop band The Buckinghams. Both men are pleading not guilty to the charges.

From the report:

Emmett Bryan Clark Jr., 55, and Dennis Miccolis, 73, have pleaded not guilty.

Clark, a former wrestler, faces charges of conspiracy, illegal control of enterprise, transporting or selling narcotics, drug possession and possessing a weapon during a drug offense. The alleged acts occurred in January and April 2019.

Miccolis, the original keyboardist for the band The Buckinghams, faces charges of conspiracy, illegal control of enterprise and transporting or selling narcotics in an incident in January 2019.

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is prosecuting the case. A spokeswoman said it could not give further details.

Clark is a former WCW World Tag Team Champion and AJPW World Tag Team Champion who competed for the World Wrestling Federation between 1993 and 1995. He found his way to World Championship Wrestling in 1997 as part of the infamous “Blood Runs Cold” angle, then went back to WWF in 2001 when they acquired WCW.

Clark’s attorneys said in a news release that the charges against Clark are, “unreliable and false information,” and that, “the police report contains alleged facts that have been grossly misconstrued and are incorrect, [which] includes incorrect allegations relating to medication and its use.” They also say that the weapons charge is “ludicrous,” and based on Clark having a Korean War pistol in his house as a family heirloom. Both men are scheduled to be back in court on February 19.