Bull-Quit: Bull Dempsey And Two More NXT Stars Have Left WWE

According to a series of tweets made on Friday, there are officially no more left in this dying breed: NXT star appears to be gone from the company.

Eleven-year veteran Dempsey (real name James Smith) joined WWE in 2013, and made his NXT debut in September of that year. His initial NXT run saw him squashing enhancement talent, earning nicknames like “NXT’s Wrecking Ball” and “The Last of a Dying Breed.” Okay, he shared that last one. Bull became an unstoppable force, running into NXT’s other “unstoppable force,” Baron Corbin. Corbin got the better of that feud, soundly defeating Dempsey and ending his forward momentum. Dempsey then developed what appeared to be an eating disorder gimmick, eating chips during promos and breaking vending machines to get chocolate until NXT General Manager William Regal threatened him and made him hit the gym. Thus began “Bull-Fit,” a comedy fitness gimmick. That’s where he stayed for most of 2015, mostly serving as enhancement talent. He had “bull” on the front of his singlet and “fit” on the back, and he’d slap his stomach and spin in circles. It wasn’t NXT’s most complex character.

We wish Bull the best in his future endeavors, and have our fingers crossed that he returns to the giant wrestling baby character he had before he signed:


Both former members of the tag team The Legionnaires — Sylvester LeFort and Marcus Louis — have also been released. LeFort posted this photo as a goodbye message. LeFort had been with the company since 2012. Louis joined WWE in 2013.

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