Dave Bautista Is A Stone Cold Badass In The Official Trailer For ‘Bushwick’

Senior Editor, Sports


It was way back in January when the first couple of clips dropped for Dave Bautista’s upcoming film Bushwick. Since then, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has come out and has grossed close to a billion dollars, and Bautista is also featured in a damn ride at Disneyland California Adventure. So … you know, things are going pretty okay for Big Dave.

It seems the people behind Bushwick were clever to hold their movie, and surrounding promotion, until Bautista was an even bigger star. Well played, Bushwick.

The original tone of those initial clips from the movie made the central conceit of the film — New York City comes under siege by secessionists — seem horrifying and harrowing. The full trailer suggests that maybe that WON’T be the tone of the movie, as it’s presented like a full-out action sprint.

Of course, trailers can often be misleading, as you’re far more likely to draw people to the theater with “Hey, check out this wild action movie” than “haha we’re all gonna die.” Either way, I’m really looking forward to finally being able to see this one.

Bushwick will be in theaters and on demand on August 25, which is just the right timing for Batista to make an appearance at SummerSlam and hype his upcoming movie. That’s absolutely not going to happen, but I’m required by law to point out any time it would make sense for a beloved, missed WWE Superstar to make a comeback appearance.

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