The Original Sin Cara Injured Himself Yet Again During A Match In Mexico

The legacy of the Sin Cara character is … unfortunate. Back in 2011, WWE signed one of the legitimate biggest stars in the world when they managed to lure Místico away from CMLL. Rebranded as Sin Cara, the company hoped to turn him into the next Rey Mysterio, but general weirded compounded by the fact that the dude would … not … stop … getting … hurt led to an acrimonious split from WWE and a return to Mexico for Místico, who rebranded himself as Myzteziz, because CMLL had created a new Místico in his absence.

While the Sin Cara character continued on WWE television and the injury curse was transferred to the mask’s new host, Myzteziz started working for AAA. He lost to Rey Mysterio at TripleMania and turned heel, setting up a mask vs. mask match that never happened, because he bounced for CMLL and then Lucha Libre Elite, where he took up his current moniker, “Carístico,” a clever portmanteau of “Sin Cara” and “Místico.” And now he’s injured again.

In a match that aired last week on Lucha Azteca, Carístico and Tigre Uno (aka Extreme Tiger) took on the team of Rey Escorpión and L.A. Park in the main event. During the third fall, Carístico went for some manner of multiple springboard armdrag or somesuch and whiffed on hitting the final springboard, hitting his leg on the top rope in a pretty disgusting fashion. He immediately rolled to the outside and got his leg checked by a doctor. He was able to return to the ring (limping heavily) and was hit with a package piledriver by Escorpión for the loss. He was then stretchered out of the building.

It’s a complete bummer that the guy has yet another injury to deal with, because it must be getting real old by now. It’s pretty wild that Stephen King predicted this curse in his early lucha libre novel Injured.

If you’d like, you can watch the entire episode of Lucha Azteca below, which has the complete main event match where the injury occurred.