McMahonsplaining, The With Spandex Podcast Episode 31: Catrina and King Cuerno

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This week we’re bringing you a special treat: a woman trapped between life and death who leverages her police captain mother, a luchador zombie and a supernatural wrestling promotion to gain possession of a medallion that grants immortality to women and a gauntlet that gives you the power of a God. After that, we’re talking to a hunter who stuffs and mounts some of his dead opponents. It’s Catrina (aka the fantastic Karlee Perez) and King Cuerno (aka Hijo del Fantasma) of Lucha Underground! We talk to Catrina about NXT Redemption, her acting career and who’s the grossest person to lick, and we chat with Cuerno about the physics of his Arrow From The Depths Of Hell — the best dive in wrestling, period — and how some people (cough) don’t do it correctly.

Important note: If you’re worried about season 4 spoilers, don’t be. We did both of these interviews before the first season 4 tapings, so we couldn’t have spoiled it if we tried!

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