Chikara’s Mike Quackenbush Discussed The Stigmas Around Intergender Wrestling

Intergender wrestling might be the most normalized it has ever been, with matches between men and women common in many independent promotions, supported by some in WWE, and now a part of the Impact World Championship picture. But there are still stigmas surrounding intergender wrestling, with some fans arguing it glorifies domestic violence or it’s too unrealistic.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Til We Make It, Mike Quackenbush (independent wrestler, founder of Chikara and the Wrestle Factory) discussed why some people oppose intergender wrestling, reasons you can bet he’s heard many times, considering that Chikara has been booking performers of different genders in the same matches for years. He also presented counterarguments and the case for why intergender wrestling should not be seen as something whose only value is shock value.

Quackenbush starts the video by saying that the argument that intergender wrestling normalizes domestic violence could only be made “by someone who does not understand what domestic violence is or what domestic wrestling is, or both,” pointing out that everyone should know that pro wrestlers consent to what is happening during their matches, while victims of domestic violence do not consent to abuse. In response to arguments about the realism of competitive matches between men and women, he makes examples from the career of Rey Mysterio.

Overall, Quackenbush’s video ‘Intergender Wrestling – SHOCK Value & Domestic Violence’ is a well-thought-out presentation by a knowledgeable guy, and worth a watch for those interested in the discussion surrounding realism and gender in pro wrestling.