Chris Jericho Is Having ‘Fun’ Not Working For Vince McMahon Right Now

09.14.18 10 months ago 5 Comments


Chris Jericho has been all over the map over the last year or so, wrestling in WWE, New Japan and making a surprise appearance at the independent ‘All In’ show.

While it seems like pretty much anything could come next for Jericho, his status with WWE isn’t exactly clear, which he thinks is perfectly fine. Speaking on SiriusXM’s Busted Open radio, Jericho opened up about his free agent status and just how much he’s enjoying the flexibility in his schedule.

“In WWE when you work there, once again, you gotta go with whatever it is that he wants to go with,” Jericho said. “That’s fine. When you work for Vince that’s just the way it is, but it’s fun to not work for Vince right now, and have some of these other ideas you can kind of explore.”

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