CM Punk Tells Mark Coleman That He’s Aware He Doesn’t Deserve To Be A Main Card UFC Fighter

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05.15.18 11 Comments


At 39 years old and with a wrestling career’s worth of wear and tear on his body, CM Punk is 0-1 in pro MMA competition. He’s spent the last few years training to be sure but is still far from where someone needs to be to make it as a UFC fighter, let alone a main card PPV fighter. But that’s where CM Punk is because he’s a WWE superstar and a huge draw.

Punk is also a student of MMA, and he’s aware that his bump up to the money portion of UFC 225’s main card isn’t fair for someone like him, low in stature and experience in the sport. But thems the breaks, and Punk is someone who can only acknowledge the situation and move forward as best he can while telling people he would be the first fight on the show if it were up to him.

Here’s the back and forth between Punk and UFC heavyweight trailblazer Mark Coleman that led to Mr. Phil Brooks showing that he’s aware of his unique placement on the MMA totem pole:

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