The WrestleMania 33 Set Cost A Whole Lot Of Money To Build

Every April and May brings with it a bit of post-WrestleMania depression. (And also June through December in some years.) The big show is over, the spectacle is done. This year, WWE spent the better part of two weeks constructing the WrestleMania 33 stage and set, and we only got to behold it for like seven or eight fleeting hours.

Obviously, this year’s stage ruled, and was probably among the biggest and most elaborate they’ve ever built. And there was a gigantic ring above the ring, for some reason. Maybe Xzibit was on the construction crew. You would think that this sort of in-arena construction doesn’t come cheap. And you’d be right!

According to Sportskeeda, the construction of the stage, ring, and set cost a whopping $5 million dollars. Of course, WrestleMania 33 set all sorts of revenue and box office and merchandise records, but that’s still a looooot of money.

Let’s put it into perspective for you real quick. Going off of what Forbes had to say earlier this month, that is more money than all but two WWE Superstars earned for the entire year in 2016. And those two wrestlers were Brock Lesnar and John Cena, so duh. Triple H didn’t make that much. VINCE MCMAHON didn’t make $5 million last year.

To put it another way, you could buy ONE HUNDRED of Enzo Amore’s WrestleMania 33 outfits with what it cost to build the WrestleMania 33 set. I’m sure we can all agree that would be a much better use of the money.

… Nah, on second thought, I’ll take the set. Good set, everybody! Worth the money!