Daniel Bryan Is Eager To Wrestle AJ Styles If WWE Ever Clears Him

11.23.17 2 years ago

The wrestling future of current WWE Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan is a hot topic these days because Bryan has done several interviews of late where he talked about wanting to wrestling again. Bryan retired in February 2016 due to suffering too many concussions in his career and being told he shouldn’t wrestle anymore.

Since then, Bryan has done tests to try to get cleared and has noted several times that his WWE contract expires in September 2018. That has led to Bryan teasing matches with guys like ROH Champion Cody Rhodes and saying he wants to wrestle WWE Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura. Bryan’s wife Brie Bella also thinks Bryan will find a way to wrestle again.

During an interview earlier this month, Bryan said there was a 85 percent chance he was going to wrestle again and a 20 percent chance that WWE would clear him to do it. The question then becomes if WWE did clear him, who would he face?

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