Daniel Bryan Wants To Wrestle Shinsuke Nakamura And Tap Out The Bullet Club

Daniel Bryan hasn’t had a wrestling match in about two years and he retired from WWE competition in Feb. 2016, but as we have reported a few times this year, he intends to wrestle again whether that’s in WWE or somewhere else. For now, Bryan appears regularly on WWE Smackdown Live as the General Manager of that show and he’s also a part of ‘Total Bellas’ currently airing on E Network on Wednesdays and Total Divas, which returns for a seventh season in November.

This week during Total Bellas, Bryan decided to do a Q&A on Twitter @WWEDanielBryan and he’s got over 4 million followers, so he was likely bombarded with a lot of questions. Since we’re a wrestling site, we’re obviously going to focus on the wrestling related ones, but Bryan also discussed his daughter Birdie and his passion for gardening. Here are some of his wrestling related comments while keeping in mind he’s a funny guy, so obviously some of it is tongue in cheek.

When asked how much he wants to return to the ring, Bryan expressed a strong interest in coming back.

Bryan had some names that he wants to face if he were to wrestle in the indies again.

It’s no surprise that he would pick them. With regards to the long hair he used to have, Bryan misses it for this reason.

As for his beard, Bryan specified where he would be willing to put it on the line in a match.

This is one that should make a lot of fans happy. If Bryan had one more match in WWE, who would he want to face?

I think there a lot of names people would pick, but Nakamura is probably at the top of the list along with AJ Styles. Here’s hoping it happens one day.

What show would Bryan would want to wrestle on? No surprise with this answer.

The poor booking of Sami Zayn is frustrating a lot of fans. Add Bryan to the list of people that want Zayn to do more.

Bryan has a lot of favorite wrestlers these days because they utilize different styles that he enjoys.

Kenny Omega has made a lot of headlines for his great matches for New Japan this year. Bryan was asked about him.

Finally, Bryan may never wrestle his future brother-in-law John Cena again (check out their classic match at SummerSlam 2013), but he is open to a rap battle.

Here’s hoping that one actually happens.