Daniel Bryan Talked About The Moment He Found Out He Was Medically Cleared To Return

03.22.18 1 year ago 5 Comments


Daniel Bryan is medically cleared to wrestle again, and all is right in WWE. Well, more or less. After his emotional comeback speech and horrible beatdown on Tuesday, WWE revealed behind-the-scenes information from Bryan himself on when the leader of the “Yes” movement was actually cleared.

When Bryan retired in 2016, it was a shock to the entire wrestling world as the ultimate babyface was gone from the ring. Instead of Bryan sitting home on the shelf, he stayed active, becoming the Smackdown GM. (That was reportedly partially due to him not wanting WWE to freeze his contract, but still.) When he wasn’t on shows, was flying off to see specialists with the hope that one day he’d be cleared by WWE doctors to get back in the ring.

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