UFC’s Daniel Cormier Spent The Weekend Proving He’s Still The Biggest WWE Fan

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier had himself quite a weekend. He kicked it off by POSSIBLY, MAYBE cheating at the weigh-ins for UFC 210, and fought in the main event of a pay-per-view. But for WWE fans — and probably for Cormier himself — the highlight of the weekend was probably the outspoken pro wrestling fan getting a chance to fully nerd and/or geek out about his true passion: men in tights.

Before the fight, in just one interview with Ariel Helwani, Cormier managed to prove his ringtone is Bobby Roode’s “Glorious Domination” entrance theme, AND do a Shinsuke Nakamura impression. He’s a true renaissance man.

And then, on Saturday night following his submission defeat of Anthony “Rumble” Johnson to retain his title, Cormier answered a question about getting booed by fans by comparing himself to the one and only Roman Reigns. This led him to wax rhapsodic about Reigns’ epic 13-minute, one-sentence promo last Monday night. (Transcript via 411Mania.)

“I was watching WWE WrestleMania last weekend and I said ‘Wow, it would be great if Roman Reigns pins The Undertaker, clean,” he said. “It’s how the ‘Old school’ guys do business. Monday night, Roman Reigns walked out to the ring and they booed him for ten minutes, would not allow him to talk, it was the most organic crowd they’ve had in a really long time. He said ‘This is my yard’ and he left. It was perfect, because they were playing the game for him.”

See? Who says that Reigns isn’t a positive role model for all the little boys and girls out there? Let ’em boo ya, people. Let ’em boo ya. Let ’em turn you into a regular Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.

You can see Cormier’s comments on Reigns in the video below, beginning at about one hour and 11 minutes in.