Daniel Cormier Pulled Some Shady Biz At At The UFC 210 Weigh-Ins And The MMA World Is Not Impressed

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04.07.17 7 Comments

The UFC returns to New York state this weekend with UFC 210 from Buffalo, but you may not have known about it due to a distinct lack of hype leading into this rematch of a fight between current light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and challenger Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson. Perhaps all the fight needed was a little drama and controversy … which it now has after a sketchy weigh-in on the part of Daniel Cormier.

Daniel stepped on the scales 1.2 pounds over the 205 pound limit for his division, and in any other state that would have resulted in his fight being rendered a non-title affair. But two minutes after walking off stage, Cormier returned and weighed in again. Somehow, the light heavyweight champ hit the 205 pound mark perfectly this time. That left fans following the proceedings on the internet wondering what exactly went down during that 120 second period that helped Cormier make the weight.

As if that wasn’t shenanigans enough, Cormier also touched the modesty towel held in front of him with both hands, a well known weigh-in trick designed to help you lift fractions of a pound off. Now the internet wants to know how the hell any of that was legal.

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