Darren Young Has Lost His ‘Freedom Of Speech’ Over WWE’s Tour Of The United Arab Emirates

We haven’t seen Darren Young on TV much lately. Aside from rumors that he’d be revealed as Adam Rose’s Bunny and that one time he stood behind John Cena, there hasn’t been a lot for WWE’s only openly gay wrestler to do.

WWE’s about to embark on a tour of the United Arab Emirates, though, and that doesn’t sit well with Young. He tweeted his displeasure with how the country treats women and homosexuals, then quickly deleted it. Here’s the deleted tweet, which still appears on his WWE.com roster page:

Between this and a naked picture of an NXT Diva being on WWE.com all night, they really need to start moderating these pages.

Anyway, the tweet came down, but Young continued his complaints:

He also retweeted fan comments that WWE playing Martin Luther King Jr. videos while patronizing countries like the UAE is “laughable,” although, as we’ve learned from even one second on Twitter, retweets are not necessarily endorsements. Here’s what WWE had to say about the tweet, via LOP:

“WWE does not discriminate against individuals regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation, and we continue to proudly support Fred Rosser (aka WWE Superstar Darren Young) for being open about his sexuality.

Unfortunately, WWE cannot change cultures and laws around the world, and thus we did not send Fred Rosser to the United Arab Emirates for our upcoming events for his own protection.

WWE also fully supports Fred Rosser’s right to express his views on personal social media accounts rather than WWE’s corporate platforms.”

I wonder if the Middle East would enjoy Pancake Patterson?